My apologies for the delay. This the temporary home for our Sexiest Conservatives list. You can thank the hackers that decided Damn Straight Politics, who officially sponsored the contest, was too awesome to leave alone.

Congratulations to all of the winners this year. Just so you know your fans are the ones that nominated you. And our four beautiful judges chose you.  Thanks to our judges this year, Jennifer Knight, Susie Moore, Emily Zanotti and Monica Crowley.

Another huge thanks to our Executive Director of Operations of The Donlyn Turnbull Show and Damn Straight Politics, Sherry Keller, who came up with this awesome idea last year. She’s the one that comes up with all of our great ideas.

And for the record, yes these men are devilishly handsome, but their love, fight and patriotism for our country is the sexiest thing about them. Keep fighting the good fight gentlemen!

20. JCraig – Red Knuckle Politics – @conservJ

J Craig

19. Josh Gillespie – FTR Radio – @joshgillespie 

 Josh Gillespie

18. Matthew H. – – @Matthops82

Matthew H.

17. Sam Rosado – Misfit Politics @SARosado

sam rosado

16. Matt K Lewis – The Daily Caller – @mattklewis


15. Larry O’Connor – Breitbart – @LarryOConnor

larry oconnor

14. Stephen Hamilton – Getting Hammered Radio – @e2pilot  

Steven Hamilton

13. Dan Joseph – MRC Man on the Street – @DanJoseph78

Dan Joseph

12. Duane Lester – – @Bodhi1

duane lester


11. WB Newton – – @wbdnewton

wb newton

10. Neal Dewing – – @Neal_Dewing

neal dewing

9. Stephen Green – – @VodkaPundit


8. Brandon Morse – Misfit Politics – @TheBrandonMorse


7. Cole Streeper – Misfit Politics – @coleStreeper

cole streeper

6. Jon Gabriel – – @ExJon

john gabriel

5. Chris Loesch – – @ChrisLoesch 

chris loesch

4. Jerome Hudson – – @JeromeEHudson

jerome hudson

3. JR Salzman – – @jrsalzman

JR Salzman

2. Richard Grenell – – @RichardGrenell


1. Jim Pethokoukis –  AEI – @JimPethokoukis

Jim Pethokoukis