Hey dude, it ain't going to clean itself!

Hey dude, it ain’t going to clean itself!

Thank you @libertybelle38 for tweeting an article this morning from Business Insider that has been on my mind the entirety of the day.  It’s a typical story, not to mention a cautionary tale, where boy meets law school, meets unimaginable debt,  meets unemployment. 

Firstly let me just say, my hat is off to anyone who not only is accepted in to law school but who completes the task.  It’s no easy feat, so good on you.

However, what makes you think you are above any type of hard work once you have your expensive little degree in your pocket?  Not to mention, what is it you believe you are now suddenly “owed”?

In today’s progressive society people have this concept that it is everyone else’s job to make their lives work and nothing could be further from the truth. Why would you put your life and your future in someone else’s hands in the first place?  The article from Business Insider describes a recent law grad who has been blogging his exploits after graduation and the degradation he has had to endure since he has been unable to find work in the law field.

He speaks of the utter humiliation from working “retail” in order to make ends meet all the while searching for a job. He explains how he is “live blogging the loss of my last shred of dignity.”

The writer of the article sympathetically feels his pain calling it “heartbreaking” and how “the sadder parts involve managers talking to him like he’s an idiot.”

To which I would now like to say to both, grow up!  This is exactly the attitude fostered by a society that believes they are owed success and that it isn’t somehow earned. He has done the hard work of attending law school but there was never any guarantee that the seas would part upon graduation and an Audi A7 would be waiting on the other side.

When I was growing up my grandparents had a farm.  Everyone had a job to do on the farm including myself even though I was the youngest of all my cousins. The farm taught me that work is work and when you get it you are thankful and if you work hard enough it will lead to other opportunities. Immediately assuming he is “above” the indignity of retail says much about what he is willing to do.  If I were a law firm and I saw a new grad working hard while searching for a position, that’s the person I would want to hire. Not one that immediately has a superiority complex and believes people working in retail are now somehow “beneath” him.

Every time I go to Disney World, I notice the bathroom attendants.  If you know anything about Disney World, the place is spotless including the bathrooms but that’s because someone is present the entire time the gates are open cleaning up after all the tourists.  It’s a crummy job if ever there was a crummy job. But it’s also necessary and it’s part of what makes the entire place run like clock work leaving guests satisfied and happy they spent their hard-earned dollars there.  I think those bathroom attendants are just as important as those sitting behind the desk calling the shots.  Which is exactly why I thank them every single time I leave their restrooms.

I can understand “LawGrad’s” frustration as he refers to himself. However, no one owes him a thing.  His employers don’t even owe him the courtesy of not talking to him like an idiot. Would it be nice if they didn’t treat him this way? Of course, but welcome to the real world.

It’s time to put on your big boy boxers and persevere until you get to where it is you want to be.  After all that’s what America is really about.  The freedom to PURSUE your happiness, not have it handed to you on a silver platter.


Look for my book “Pursuit” coming soon.  America doesn’t owe you happiness, only the freedom to pursue it.