About Donlyn

Donlyn Turnbull is a conservative media personality and writer who served as the Director of New Media, as well as official MC for the bus tours, for Tea Party Express. She also created and ran several popular conservative blogs and has been published by Breitbart, Washington Times 24/7, Right Wing News, The Shark Tank, The Daily Caller and more.

She is the former host of The Donlyn Show on FTR Radio and has appeared on the Glenn Beck program on The Blaze TV.

Donlyn is also a motivating speaker reminding Americans of the importance of protecting our founding ideals and freedoms and fiercely warning of the dangers of Government dependence.

You can follow Donlyn on Twitter at @donlynturnbull or her Facebook page here.


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  1. Todd Crandell says:

    Great site Donlyn! Hope you’re successful in all your endeavors!
    Congrats!!! Todd

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