When I first began in politics over 6 years ago, one of my greatest driving motivators was the frustration over the left telling me I couldn’t think the things I thought. I recall hearing Jonah Goldberg on a radio spot years ago after his book The Tyranny of Cliches first came out. He explained how the left had a penchant for strangling thought of opposing opinions.

Goldberg explained how for the left it wasn’t enough for them to choose to be a vegan, for example. YOU must accept them being vegan. YOU must pave the way for making them being vegan and in the end, YOU must become vegan.  Now, I don’t have anything against vegans mind you, I just happen to enjoy murder– tasty, tasty murder.

But, I should not be forced against my will toward anyone else’s way of thinking. Being a free country means we are in fact, free. We can think what we think. We can be jerks. We can offend the hell out of everyone, or at least we used to be able to. I look at being offended as a privilege. If I protect someone else’s right to offend me, I’m protecting freedom as a whole.

However, it’s never been enough for the left to have their thoughts and opinions, you must come to their way of thinking or suffer the consequences.

Don’t believe me?

There are still conservative and tea party groups waiting for their non-profit tax statuses from the IRS. The uproar over the injustice was fleeting and then it was business as usual.

The one thing I always felt was that I was on the side of the guys who wore the white hats and were fighting to restore all that was right and good about this once great country. I no longer feel that way.

You see, the right has now become the new left.

Don’t you dare disagree with a conservative brother or sister, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your candidate of choice. You will be tarred, feathered, flogged, drawn, quartered, hung, shot, sliced, diced and slightly skewered. Although metaphorically, we now see even more clearly the ugly side of politics and the even uglier side of those who espouse to be upholders of the Constitution.

These people are no friend to the Constitution nor Americans in general.

With the publishing of National Review’s Against Trump issue, the RNC has decided to disinvite those affiliated with the publication to the February 25th debate in Houston, TX.  Why? Because they are scared? Because they can’t handle the truth? Because they have daddy issues?

No. It’s because, “we are being denied diversity of thought,” as so beautifully stated by my dear friend Sherry.

The right has become the left.

This is one of the entire reasons we are a “republic” and not a straight “democracy”.  Our founders understood fully the dangers of mob rule. The mob is ruling anyway. I just never thought it would be coming from my own side.

But “my side” has become very clear. I’m on the side of the Constitution, period. I’m not on the left nor the godforsaken right anymore. I am on the side that supports my right to have my opinion and voice it freely. I am on the side that allows me to bear arms and protect my family at all costs. I am on the side of a small government that keeps it’s nose out of my business. I am on the side of lower taxes and saving people from the perils and addiction of government dependence.

I’m on the side of “we the people”. You remember them right? The ones who fought, died and payed for your freedom in blood just so you could have a chance to believe what you believe without the dangerous onslaught of retribution from weak-minded individuals who are slapping our very founders across the face.

Shame on you all.