Why Austin? Really?

Why Austin? Really?

I’m detecting a pattern here.  Kim Jong Un has seemingly become some sort of Hollywood parody. I read an article in the New Yorker this morning explaining how he has now moved his entire collection of Decepticons to the border with South Korea.  That’s “Transformers” for the mature non-nerd like folk.

And it was funny.  He really is a walking cartoon. Well, a walking cartoon with nuclear weapons. And no, I don’t know if they are made by ACME.

I began thinking of how he really does follow the “straight out of central casting” parody of evil Dictator. He has the usual supplies.  Including the giant wall map with lots and lots of the round tack thingies.  That for some odd reason pin Austin Texas as one of his nuclear targets.  He has the giant room with nothing but the one desk. Now he’s only missing the cat, preferably hairless, and the giant shark tank or aquarium filled with piranha.

So aside from the evil dictator supplies he also displays all the usual traits as if almost systematically he followed a check-list.

Evil Dictator Checklist

1. Have Daddy Issues.  It can be anywhere from an absent father to an overbearing one.

2. Instill fear in your people for total compliance.  Crack down on those who speak out against you.

3. Lie to your people so they begin to believe what you are doing is good for them.

4. Garner celebrity support. D-List celebrities may be used in a pinch.

5. Crack-down on the media and information people receive.  Make certain it is only agenda driven.  Keep people ignorant.

6. Be an unpredictable lose cannon.

7. Care more about yourself and agenda than your people.

8. Take away as many of the rights of the people as possible.

9. Make certain you have others do your dirty work for you.

10. Make your people fully dependent on you. That way they must look to you for their needs and not themselves. You become the “hero” in their eyes when you provide them with their basic needs.

Now here’s the funny thing. Go back and read the list again but with Obama in mind this time. It’s easy to make fun of Kim Jong Un the walking cartoon, but President Obama is smart like a fox.

1. Obama didn’t have his father in his life. If you’ve seen 2016 The Movie,  you will hear one of the best theories as to why Obama does what he does and it all comes back to his father and his beliefs.  It’s incredibly compelling.

2. He instills fear in people. Have you noticed what happens to those who oppose him.  Most conservative pundits I know are typically under IRS audit. I hear the big ones like Limbaugh and Beck speak on this. Read this unbelievable article of serious IRS overreach.  And what about people like journalist Bob Woodward who was respected until he criticized the President and then the hammer of opposition came down on his head.  He was even threatened by a “very senior” White House official. 

3. He lies to those who listen to him on a daily basis. “Higher taxes” will fix things. “There is no debt crisis”. Ignore the real unemployment rate and the fact 90 million people are unemployed! That’s now 1979 levles! Details schmetails!

4. Celebrities make him look glamorous.  And if celebrities and the in crowd love him shouldn’t we as well? Justin Timberlake to perform at the White House on April 9th.  Wait…what about the sequester?

5. Obama controls the airwaves. Keep people ignorant should be the motto. Because if people catch on to the truth they’ll realize they hold power.  Just follow NewsBusters for a few days and tell me what you think.

6. Being unpredictable keeps people off balance. Obama turns around on a dime. He gutted Welfare reform. Which was successfully put in place by Bill Clinton! His sudden support of Gay marriage and amnesty has left the GOP divided and wobbly on the issues.

7. Obama cares more about himself and his agenda. Just ask all the little kids not visiting the White House since it is closed now as Obama takes more vacations and plays even more rounds of golf.  Within the first three months of this year the Obama’s have already taken 3 vacations.  Hawaii, Aspen, the Bahamas…must be nice.

8. Take away the rights of the people especially their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms because then what would stop a dictator?

9. Have others do your dirty work for you. People like Eric Holder and little things like gun running to drug cartels.  Make them protect you at all costs.

10. Obama is creating a fully dependent nation. “According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly half (49%) of Americans today live in homes receiving one or more government transfer benefits.” The more the people rely on him the more power and control he has and the less freedom and choice the people have.

Who’s your evil dictator now?