CPAC-2013Well, thanks to all of you, for the past two days I’ve been running my little heeled feet off at CPAC 2013. This year, like any other year, CPAC fell under heavy scrutiny and criticism.  They excluded some groups and individuals, like GOProud and Gov. Chris Christie.

Some critsize that CPAC is one big party and  it’s just a chance for people to get together and drink.  Personally, I’m okay if conservatives loosen up a little. 

They moved the venue. Evidently that was also met with heavy criticism because, well, change.   In the beginning, internet was not going to be available for free to the conservative mass of media.  That caused some complaints.  The Tea Party News Network stepped up and met that need.

And on and on and on.

People seem to always be surprised that politics is so politcky.

But it is, yes even on the conservative side of the aisle. And as I’ve seen different criticisms of the conference as a whole I realize now more than ever how much I don’t want us to lose the message behind it all in the first place.

At risk of sounding like, “Win one for the Gipper”, I realize how much people can get caught up in the drama and lose what this is all about in the first place.

I’m not saying I agree with the exclusions or inclusions of the conference.  Let’s leave all that aside for a moment.  Most people watch the speeches, then hold up their little sign ranking it on a scale of 1-10.  We sit and we judge. We ask if the speech moved us or not.  We question if the speaker is really just full of the useful conference rhetoric.


We gush over some of our favorite conservative celebrities.  We laugh at the odd whack jobs in red rhinestone tuxedos.  (Actually that was just one guy.)

We get our free t-shirts. We take a thousand and one pamphlets from people.  We search for band-aids and any available outlet to charge our dead phones.

But there is something so much more that everyone seems to miss.  And if you open your eyes, you’ll see it. And the more you begin to see it, you begin noticing it everywhere.

Sherry, my friend, asked on her facebook for those of us attending CPAC to tell her something she doesn’t already know.

Well here it is.

Conservatism is not dead.  Did you know that already?  But we get so caught up in main stream media, political spin, establishment versus tea party, and any of the other crap you can think of.

For all of those who disagree within our movement we can agree on one thing.  Our country needs to be saved.  And did you know there is a small army of conservatives doing just that?  Not just conservative leadership, but simple people like me and you making a massive difference.

Yesterday, I was on a radio show at the same time as Wayne Dupree from  I follow him on Twitter but haven’t really had the chance to get to know him or hear his story.  Wayne was first discovered by Andrew Breitbart.  Which is a comment I’ve heard no less than 20 times since I’ve been here.

Wayne moved me to tears. This guy has a heart and a passion for conservatism that takes people to new heights and is able to open their eyes. He uses facts to fight liberalism and interestingly enough he claims almost 100% of the time, he will use leftist media facts against them.

If he quotes facts from conservative sites people on the left will quickly dismiss him.  And he always says, he’s not telling people to become Republicans, but to just stop being democrats.  I wish you could have heard his passion and his heart.

Within one year he went from completely unknown to being on the Sean Hannity show and Mark Levin show frequently. And this isn’t even his full-time job.  It’s just his heart.

Then I continuously came across people who donated to get me here.  To say it’s humbling is an understatement. I just am overwhelmed with joy every single time I meet them.  But remember how the left likes to claim we don’t want to help people.  I’m calling bull crap on that because I am living proof that conservatives care.

I loved talking to Lauren, who donated to my trip because she said she felt that I needed to be here.  She also is a lay person but does more to fight in the conservative movement than most. Look at the difference she made alone in one conservatives life.

This is not about competition. This is not about blowing out the candles of others in the movement believing ours will burn brighter. That doesn’t happen. Ever.

This isn’t about sitting on our hands complaining. This isn’t about playing the blame game.

This is about realizing we ourselves alone hold the power to change our country.  And we are not by ourselves. We have an army. A smart, passionate, driven army.  And that is you.

What will you do today to help save your country?  You may believe it is a small effort but remember ants only carry one small grain of sand at a time.  And somehow overnight they’ve built the Taj Mahal in your garage.

Conservatism works when we are all fighting for it in our own ways.  You have more power than you realize.

Today as I took a boat to the conference center I began speaking to the captain who is a retired Navy man. And he said to me, he doesn’t vote anymore.  Not at all. He said that both sides are unwilling to compromise so what’s the point.

I said to him.  I believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. I believe in the Constitution for protecting our individual freedom and rights and that the direction the country is currently taking is the complete opposite of what our Founders intended.  I said I will die before I every compromise the Constitution.

It’s not about compromise, it’s about standing our ground. And it isn’t up to someone else. It is up to you.

Andrew Breitbart once said, if you can’t sell Freedom, you suck.   We need to sell Freedom. Because it is truly nothing short of miracle.  We can do this. We can save our Freedom.

Now, go win one for the Gipper!