For Obamacare to be a roaring success, as the likes of Nancy Pelosi have touted all along, it needs to have at least 40% of its enrollees to fall under the young and healthy category.  The prime 18-34 age range is needed to support the rest of the older and more medically needy Americans.  However, that hasn’t been the case.  Of the 2.1 million people signed up through the end of December, currently only 25% fall within the needed age range.

Even more bad news, 79% of Obamacare enrollees qualify and will need tax-payer subsidies.  Only a scant 21% will not need the government to subsidies their premiums.  Who thought this was a good idea again?

The front end of Obamacare and its notorious website have been a complete mess.  The back-end of the website has been riddled with security breaches and errors leading people to believe they are signed up when in fact they are not and will soon learn the hard way when they first travel to their Doctor’s office needing medical attention.  Cough, cough, surprise you’re not covered. 

The website is the smallest part of this catastrophe not to mention a complete distraction from the true issues with Obamacare and how detrimental it is in effecting the entire healthcare industry not to mention the American economy.

Here are the problems this could lead to.

1.  Can you say “bailouts”….again?

Get ready for the next big battle in Gotham and it’s going to be over insurance company bailouts.  ObamaCare has  “risk corridors” built into the law. In the fall Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced legislation to rescind this portion of the Affordable Care Act even though he recognized the positive part they could play if not abused.  But since when has Obama not chosen to “abuse” the law?

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in November, Rubio wrote, ” Risk corridors are generally used to mitigate an insurer’s pricing risk. Under ObamaCare, risk corridors were established for the law’s first three years as a safety-net for insurers who experience financial losses. While risk corridors can protect taxpayers when they are budget-neutral, ObamaCare’s risk corridors are designed in such an open-ended manner that the president’s action now exposes taxpayers to a bailout of the health-insurance industry if and when the law fails.”

So here we are on the other side of the sign-ups and what was feared is coming to fruition.

obama joker2. Buh-bye free markets…hello single-payer.

Another option, and what many feared was the goal all along, is to introduce a single-payer system. In this instance a government-run organization, like we need any more of those, would be established to collect any and all fees from health care services and then proceed to pay out those fees collected to the appropriate parties. Insert uncontrollable laughter here. The last thing we want is more government control of our money. Or at least that’s how those of us feel who are paying attention.

Like famed liberal Michael Moore recently exclaimed as he criticized ObamaCare, “The Affordable Care Act is a pro-insurance-industry plan implemented by a president who knew in his heart that a single-payer, Medicare-for-all model was the true way to go.”


Free markets, evil successful companies = bad.

Government run single-payer healthcare = good.

Yes, he would be considered “the Joker” in this scenario.

3. The IRS will now come complete with government issued billy clubs.

First comes the fact the IRS will punish you with a penalty if you do not acquiesce to their demands and sign-up for healthcare, yes I know, it’s the law.  So was women not being allowed to vote at one time, not to mention, alcohol.

The Washington Examiner brings up an excellent question today on if the IRS will also employ coercive tactics in order to get their prime target to sign up for the “Abomination” Care Act.  As we’ve seen with this administration so far, I would say the chances are a resounding yes.

“Although the Act provides that the IRS may not use criminal prosecutions, notices of federal tax liens, or levies on property to collect an unpaid penalty, the IRS may employ offsets against federal tax refunds,” the Obama administration wrote in its 2012 Supreme Court brief in defense of the mandate. “The IRS also may seek payment through correspondence or phone calls from IRS employees.”

obama baneHow would you like an IRS agent calling you at all hours for the shakedown?

Although they are forbidden from putting a levy on your property or throwing you in jail, they can and will withhold you tax return. You know, YOU’RE money.

Obama and his administration state they will need and are going to shoot for a goal of 7 million enrollees by the end of March. However critics state that for this to remain solvent they would need 20 million enrollees and then it would still consistently need to grow.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

ObamaCare has officially become the “Bane” of our American existence.

(I’ll stop with the nerd references now.)