I can’t allow this to simply go by without sharing it with my readers, even though it occurred earlier in the week.  If you haven’t watched the 6 minute video of the Sean Hannity show as he interviewed Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, then please do.  The clip makes so many important points into the mindset of the American Left.

Liberalism takes no account of any opinion other than its own.  As a conservative, our opinions are simply labeled as “wrong”.  Furthermore, the left believes the difference in opinion is a sound basis for personal attacks.   This happens to most conservative journalists on a daily basis.

Facts apparently also do not matter.  And when confronted with facts the liberal subject either lashes out or simply yells over the opponent so as to feign ignorance.

But the worst thing in my opinion is the fact they are able to successfully take the repercussions and consequences of their own actions and effectively pin it on the conservative right.  I found it laughable when Rep. Ellison claimed conservatives were to blame for the downgrade in our credit rating and the $16 trillion-dollar debt.  But obviously, you can’t laugh long when you realize half the country is buying this crap. That’s just depressing.

Obama is the leader of our nation. Remember the whole “buck stops here” thing.  Well, the American left has successfully and consistently snowed the public into believing he has absolutely nothing to do with the state of the country.  Not only is that dangerous, it’s exactly why he won the election.

Rep. Ellison’s actions were shameful and rude.  I would never want to see a congressman from either side of the aisle bring that much degradation to the office in which the American people so kindly elected him.  I’d much rather he be grateful and be on his way.