Imagine for a moment you have a neighbor. Not immediately next door but on the other side of the block. They say to you one day they disagree with you and would very much like to kill you. Even more so, they wish to kill another neighbor that you happen to consider a friend. They become very vocal about how much they would like to see you and your friend dead.

The problem is they don’t own a gun so they ask for a gun.  They say the gun is only so they can provide better for their family so you should do something to help them get their gun. Your neighbor has lied to you before. He even kidnapped some of your family members and held them for 444 days.

How far would you go in helping your neighbor acquire a gun knowing they will be in a better position to kill you and your friend?

Unless you were dropped on your head as a child, you likely would not aid them in their quest for a gun…at all.

Obama has continuously pushed forward with his plans to form a nuclear deal with Iran much to the chagrin and warning from our once ally, Israel. I say “once” because from the behavior of our current administration would suggest they were anything but an ally.  Yet again this current administration has entered in to an abusive relationship with a country drowning in human rights abuses and hellbent on destroying, well, all of us. Or anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

There are certain things Iran desperately wants. They eagerly seek the relief of sanctions being lifted.  It would bring a great economic boost to the country as well as the relief of the purported oil revenue currently frozen in foreign accounts and valued at $30 to $50 billion dollars which would be released immediately to Iran as soon as a deal is reached. The world community supports sanctions being lifted because it would open the floodgates for business bringing great financial benefits for all involved.

But for all Obama is offering in a shiny little box with a big red bow, what is he asking for in return?

The answer is, not much.

This week Iran decided to press espionage charges against American journalist Jason Rezaian, The Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief. Not to mention they are currently holding other Americans including Christian Pastor, Saeed Abedini. A deal shouldn’t even be thought about being reached unless any and all Americans are immediately released. Am I the only one who feels this is a no brainer?  Apparently not, as a letter with bipartisan support from a gaggle of U.S. Senators was issued to John Kerry calling for the deal to be halted if Rezaian was not released.  The letter was signed by 19 Senators. In case you need a reminder, we have 100 Senators. It makes for easy math to say 81% of Senators are behaving like pompous womps.

And any sane person would take in to account current actions from Iran as nothing but a reaffirmation of their true intent concerning any nuclear deal including Iranian arms shipments being sent to Houthi rebels in Yemen. The U.S. has responded in kind by sending war ships to park off the Yemeni coast, as Obama called the Iranian move “unacceptable”.  I must admit I was surprised he responded with warships instead of hashtags. But the point is this, Iran wishes to be considered a greater world power and moves such as these prove it and any conciliation on Iran’s part would suggest they are otherwise weak.

As Iran continues nuclear talks this week in Vienna, they simultaneously thumb their nose at the country they are in talks with. That says a great deal about them and where their true intent lies.


But where Iran is scary, Russia helping Iran, is even more so.

In any James Bond movie you will learn, behind the first bad guy, is a greater bad guy. Russia has long since voiced its support for Iran’s rights to civil nuclear energy. But any dealing on Russia’s part with Iran is obviously for their own self interest. It’s the old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Recently Putin has paved the way to supply Iran with a complex missile defense system which would ultimately increase Iran’s military capability. It would once again aid in making Iran a greater world power who would prove to be a formidable ally to Russia. Legitimizing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and lifting sanctions will only clear the path for the Iranian regime to buy arms. Don’t be fooled for a minute it would be to improve the lives of their citizens.

Iran and Russia both do not respond to hugs or being treated like equals. They respond to strength and action. Over the course of the past 6 years with America’s hashtag advocacy and shunning of middle-eastern allies all the while placating to their demands has left us in a weakened and vulnerable state. A course correction with both nations will be inevitable. And sadly, it’s going to cost us a great deal more than it should have had to.