Sorry buddy, I don't know what the hell happened either.

Sorry buddy, I don’t know what the hell happened either.

The online magazine, Mother Jones, released secret recordings this week of Senator Mitch McConnell during a planning meeting at his Louisville, KY campaign headquarters.  The recordings occurred on February 2nd, in which he and his aides discussed a possible run against actress Ashley Judd after she began looking in to running against the incumbent.

Mother Jones obtained a copy of the recording and made the claims, “McConnell and his aides considered assaulting Judd for her past struggles with depression and for her religious views.” (Emphasis is mine.)

Upon review of the recording, McConnell states they will be simply using the words of Ms. Judd against her. And if you’ve followed “the words of Ms. Judd” then you also realize they speak for themselves.

However, clearly it is appalling to the American Left that a politician would attempt to devise a plan to win an election.  And therein lies the issue.

Let the spin masters begin.

The vast majority of articles and pieces concerning the incident all sound the same focusing on the alleged “attack” and not the fact a United States Senator was bugged and thus illegally recorded.  ABC is labeling the recording “politically embarrassing”.

They reported, “Sen. Mitch McConnell was prepared to go after Ashley Judd as ’emotionally unbalanced’, ” because of numerous odd comments and beliefs held by the actress.  I believe most people who were disappointed at her announcement of deciding not to run were on the right side of the aisle. For the same reason people slow down to see train wrecks.

I also find it disturbing that McConnell had to reach out to the FBI to request an investigation. If we secretly recorded someone like Harry Reid’s office or Eric Holder and tapes were released I don’t believe the FBI would have had to be summoned.

But in almost every article and news story on the matter it focuses on the proclaimed “wrong” done to Ms. Judd without ever once mentioning the word “illegal” before the word “recording”.

George Stephanopolis ran a piece yesterday morning showing how disrespectful for McConnell’s staff to laugh at Ms. Judd as she described herself  “freaking out” over the sight of pink fuzzy socks.  How dare they laugh at something so non-ridiculous?

What’s ridiculous is the continued spin on this. Watch the video below from ABC News for the full effect and remember, if you paid attention to history or where alive to remember the Nixon impeachment and how different it would have played out with this today’s leftist media mindset. With this, Nixon would have been able to finish his term.