Learn to deal with the mean girls when you're young. They're still around when you're older.

Learn to deal with the mean girls when you’re young. They’re still around when you’re older.

Primary schools in the UK are beginning to adopt a new “no best friends” policy.  It has been created to prevent children from suffering the pains of falling out with close friends. Instead they are being encouraged to play only in large groups.

So I’m certain in 20 years these kids will have zero intimacy problems.

What the hell is going on?

I like to call it the “death of the individual”.  We’ve seen this for years. It’s like creeping Sharia infiltrating every little brain cell in our children’s minds and all in the name of the greater good. No longer are people encouraged to be exceptional and succeed through individualism. And they aren’t discouraged in just athletics or academics, but now in personal relationships. Because if someone is a success someone has to lose or “feel” badly. And we can’t allow that now can we?

Liberalism tries to save us from ourselves. But here is why that is an incredibly dangerous concept.

Like a lot of people I went through a very difficult time. The fact I survived is shocking to most. The details are unimportant but frequently when I share my story with people their first response is “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

But in all honesty, I’m not.  Going through difficulties created character in me. It not only developed who I was meant to be but I am an incredibly resilient person now. Without difficulties, disappointments and unfavorable situations we don’t grow to our full potential.  Dealing with small losses like losing a friend in first grade prepares us to have the ability to move on when we lose that college boyfriend or experience any other loss.

Suffering produces perseverance and perseverance,  character and character, hope. That’s in the bible. You can look it up. But now that’s going to hurt someones feelings who doesn’t believe in the bible.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Someone is always going to get their feelings hurt. Someone will always have to deal with some loss or difficulties in our lives. And children should be prepared for that.

If I were deciding a new career for myself, I’d pick psychologist. Because all these self-centered, collective good, everybody wins, nobody cries, none chooses for themselves, children of liberalism are going to need some serious therapy in their adult lives when they can’t figure out how to deal with disappointment.

We need to teach our children compassion instead. They need to be taught to have empathy for those who may be excluded. And those excluded need to learn how to connect with others.

Life can be great and life can suck.  Welcome to the human race.