Beware of Trojan Pinatas!

Beware of Trojan Pinatas!

The U.S. Government has apparently decided to check its brain cells at the border.  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as well as the TSA, has recently awarded contracts to an apparel company that will manufacture a “significant percentage” of its uniforms in Mexico.

What could possibly go wrong?

The company, VF Imagewear, Inc, was given the contract in late December of last year.  They will create “uniform and insignia items” for the departments to the tune of $6 million to $8 million dollars.

The VF corporation manufactures in a number of different locations and Mexico is included in those locations. They have a number of very large contracts including Major League Baseball uniforms but those uniforms are claimed in an annual report to only be made in the United States. (Go Nats!)

According to Elizabeth Harrington with CNS News,

“VF Imagewear also recently secured a $50-million uniform contract with the TSA, which will be manufactured in the United States and Mexico.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) has said manufacturing government uniforms in Mexico poses a threat to national security.

“There are also national security concerns,” Speier said in a press release in 2011, regarding a prior contract between the TSA and VF Imagewear.  “Uniforms have a greater potential of being stolen in Mexico where it is more difficult to provide oversight of factories and cargo.”

Yes, if a Democrat from California can see the danger in this decision, why can’t those who are making these decisions have the foresight?

Security in Mexico has remained at dangerous levels for years as drug and gang related violence has escalated dramatically.  At the very least any significant patch or logo should be moved out the country.

Less than two years ago Texas officials said Al Qaeda terrorists were sneaking across the Mexican border into the country.  “They point to one case where Al-Qaeda member Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane confessed in court that he had smuggled 7 terrorist members into the US.

It’s another leak in the National Security dam that doesn’t have to exist. I’m not worried about a flood of illegal immigrants I’m concerned that people who wish to inflict great harm on our country have now been given a free pass.

Things that should be allowed to be manufactured in Mexico? Vanilla, Tequila, and tamales. But anything that has to do with our National Security? Do I really even have to say it?  This isn’t rocket science and we are asking for trouble.

Ay caramba.