Tears won't work here mister! Now go to your room! You're grounded.

Tears won’t work here mister! Now go to your room! You’re grounded.

The first rule of parenting, don’t cave. Because once you do, they’ve got your number.

The other day I was at my daughter’s High School softball game and I met a very nice dad of one of the other players.  He had his young son with him who I believe was around four years old.  And for a four-year old, a game that lasts a timed hour and a half can seem extremely close to an ETERNITY!

From when they first arrived his son started asking for a dollar to get a bag of chips before dinner. Being a really good dad he said no, you don’t need junk food before dinner. But four-year olds are among the best negotiators on the planet. And this kid was one seriously cute kid. I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes and then bought him 10 bags of chips.  I even told him that.

The four-year old explained quite intelligently he would eat his nutritious dinner in its entirety  his words, even if he were allowed to partake in a little pre-dinner snackage.  (The promise.)

Then he continued to ask without relenting. (Never back down.)

And just before the game was over the kid won his dollar and had his chips and he was very happy.  I’m telling you, kids are smart.

Enter Republicans in Congress.

Hello there sequester.  What’s this?  The entire Universe will collapse if we don’t “compromise” and reach a deal soon with the Dems?

Why does that sound familiar to me?  Oh yeah, because that’s what has been happening for five years now. Maybe even longer. Remember when the Democratic held Congress promised Bush the world would end if we didn’t create the first stimulus package?  Promises were made, then no concessions were allowed from their side.  And the debt climbed.

Remember when we got into this current mess in the first place?  Obama’s big answer to the problem of hitting the debt ceiling and almost bringing the Government to a full shut down was this sequester.  All we had to do was agree to raise the debt ceiling and some time down the road there would be cuts. (The promise.) The world was going to end unless we agreed to all the terms of the Left and none of our own.

On Friday of this week, 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts will automatically take place if a deal is not reached between partisans.  And the thing is, Democrats want their bag of chips and they want to eat it too.  There won’t be any crumbs or even that orange stuff that sticks to your fingers that is quite delicious left for Republicans.

It’s their way or the highway.  They will make their “promises”.  And then they will be unrelenting in blame.  They will pressure.  They will kick and scream. They will have a long drawn out fit in front of the main stream media for all to see.

And just before dinner is ready, the Republicans will cave.

But this means they will once again just reinforce the behavior of the left that their tactics are working and will be justly validated yet once again.

Do you remember the battle over extending the payroll tax cuts?  It takes the funds directly out of Social Security.  But never mind that.  The Democrats went forth with a full-on media campaign explaining how heartless conservatives were because they didn’t want to extend the cuts.  Remember the whole, “what would you do with $4o bucks”.  What did the conservatives do?  They caved, believing it would avert negative press.  But then after they agreed, they were promptly thrown under the media bus yet once again.

When will they learn?

The word “compromise” for the Democrats means “do it our way and our way only”. Until the Republicans decide to hold out, even though it is NOT easy to do and let the choices of the left actually have some repercussions nothing is going to change.

Sometimes we have to say no because it’s good for others even though it’s not popular.   And quite frankly it’s going to suck for a while.  But they have to decide what they truly believe it right for the country apart from leftist pressure.  What do they believe is best for us?  Decide it and then stick to it at all costs.

We’ve surrendered enough ground already.

I think this entire sequester business is the same old manipulation we’ve been watching for five years. Create a crisis, then fly in with your cape and save the day.  They are painting a reality that doesn’t exist.  We are at our highest debt limit, which is fully unsustainable, than we’ve ever been to in our great Nation’s history.  Our credit is destroyed. We have more people on entitlement programs than ever before.

And gas! Holy hell have you driven by a pump today?  The one by my house just passed its highest mark ever.  And with all this, the Democrats have manipulated their way into fooling the American public that it is all for their own good.  Have your chips.  Don’t worry about anything.

The Republicans need to let this sequester happen and then never cave, or as the Dems call it, “compromise”, again.  Because until they do, the Democratic left will continue this same path for one reason.  It keeps working.


**And on a side note  I think Republicans think it’s ok to have a bag of chips now and again because it really is a very long game.  The trick is, the leftist media doesn’t want anyone to know that.  Time to change the rhetoric kids!