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ObamaCare website security like a ‘car sitting with it’s windows rolled down’

On Fox News Sunday, David Kennedy the CEO of TrustedSEC.com and former NSA employee and US Marine, revealed more disturbing security breaches within the Healthcare.gov website.  Kennedy testified before Congress in November offering stark warnings to the disturbing security issues but has been readily dismissed by the Obama Administration….

Holy Pajama Boy Batman, Obamacare going from bad to worse

For Obamacare to be a roaring success, as the likes of Nancy Pelosi have touted all along, it needs to have at least 40% of its enrollees to fall under the young and healthy category.  The prime 18-34 age range is needed to support the rest of the older and more medically needy Americans.  However,…

An apple a day…and Obamacare…will keep the Doctors away!

There’s nothing like a good “I told you so” except when it comes to the complete and utter desolation of an entire free market industry. However, Doctors in California, the state where the deep veins run freely with blue blood, are about to find out the hard way they’ve set themselves up for failure. A…