doctors against obamacare

Well over a year ago I heard a Doctor mention he felt Obamacare would actually be beneficial for Doctors not to mention most hospitals. But with the liberal euphoria of “free healthcare” for everyone slowly wearing off even Doctors are beginning to realize effects of the law directly interfering with how they run their practices and how the patients are ultimately getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Dr Mark Siegel a Fox News medical correspondent raised some important issues in a Wall Street Journal article detailing the direct interference of Obamacare and the dangerous possible outcomes.  One pre-existing condition, before Obamacare, was the 10 minute Doctor visit limitation authorized by insurers. Dr. Siegel explains how certain diagnosis can be missed by such a short time given with their patients including severe depression.  Obamacare instead of aiding this situation now fully compound the problem.

“Supporters of health reform will say that theAffordable Care Act didn’t cause all these problems, that President Obama shouldn’t be blamed for wanting to make sure that everyone has health insurance,” Siegel wrote.  “Unfortunately, the kind of insurance that is growing under ObamaCare’s fertilizer is the exact kind that was jeopardizing the quality of health care in the first place: the kind that pays for seeing a doctor when you are well, but where guidelines and regulations predominate and choice is restricted when you are seriously ill.”

Suddenly, Obamacare and big Government has cozied up in your hospital bed between you and your Doctor. Doctors will be limited in prescribing medication or calling for MRI’s if they are not covered in your plan.

By removing co-pays for mammograms or colonoscopies, many Physicians who have relied on that income stream with “very thin profit margins” will become insolvent without that flow of income.  Also forcing Doctors and insurers to cover pre-existing conditions with no lifetime limits, “they reduce costs by cutting fees to vulnerable doctors while restricting the tests they can order. This makes the practice of quality medicine almost impossible, but it helps preserve an insurance company’s bottom line while complying with a government mandate,” Siegel writes.

The main stream media fully discounts any conservative alternatives to Obamacare. I believe Dr. Mark Siegel has presented one of the best solutions as an alternative to this destructive takeover of our healthcare system.

“If the government felt that a significant segment of the population was underserved, they should have hired the doctors to serve them and built the clinics to serve them in—and mandated the scaled back, affordable insurance that covers severe illness only.”

With the outrageous costs of Obamacare, this was a feasible plan. Instead we looking at a loss of control over our own healthcare and Doctors are left following the orders of one size fits all instead of the much-needed individualized care.