Here we sit, mere hours before the first Republican presidential debate and all I can think to myself is, “Please God don’t let them embarrass us even more.” I can’t help but think gone are the days of excitement over the possibility of bringing in a candidate capable of countering the damage done by the American left especially over the course of Obama’s tenure. And recalling words like “McCain” and “Mitt” make my stomach churn.

I don’t mean to be such a pessimist. But II realized I am not alone and I began questioning exactly why so many of us feel that way.

We have fully lost confidence in those we could potentially elect to carry on our message of conservatism. And we have good reasons as to why we are plagued with a bevy of “Debbie downer” thoughts.

Who are these people?

Have you ever had the misfortune of dealing with a chameleon? Not the lizards, but the people. They are the ones who will adapt themselves to match their surroundings. And when they experience different surroundings, they become a different person all together. I’ve never trusted people like that. You wonder if they even know who they are at all but they leave you feeling like you could never leave them alone to protect your piece of cake while you go to get some punch.

We’ve had that within our party for years. The term “RINO” never would have come to be had we not.
We have several of those in our midst within the plethora of Republican presidential hopefuls. Which I understand is likely the root nature of any politician. But if they don’t stand for something they will fall for anything. (And no, Malcolm X was not the first to say that.)

They first really have to figure out what they believe and it sure as hell better be conservative beliefs or they can leave the party.  If they don’t know what they believe, then they can stay home and get a job at their local Subway with the most difficult thing they’ll have to do all day is identify luke-warm luncheon meats by sight.

I’m tired of the typical and usual politician knowing what they believe and stand for and then arrive on that “shining City on the Hill” only to dump every ounce of character out the window as they cross over the beltway. And I’m sick of the excuse, “well, you don’t understand how you have to play the Washington games in order to get anything done.” I’m here to tell you the “Washington games” are destroying our nation.

Conservatism will always win if they will have the courage to stand up and claim it.

Stop fighting like a girl.

So, let’s pretend they know what they believe and stand for and then let’s pretend it’s conservative. Why would you not fight like hell to uphold those beliefs? I don’t even question in the slightest they are the truest and purest ideologies to keep and maintain a healthy and free country. Ideas like government handouts to “help” people while sinking our country in debt is ludicrous.

The Foundation for Government Accountability released a new report this week explaining how since the Obama administration allowed states to ignore work waiver requirements to receive food stamps for able-bodied, childless adults, it caused food stamp enrollment to explode. Growth in food stamp enrollment has outpaced job growth by 70%. That’s not helping people, it’s hurting them. Yet, when work requirements are reinstated for able-bodied, childless adults guess what happens? People get jobs. And they stop wasting taxpayer dollars. And they move away from Government dependence.

This is not rocket science people.

Conservative ideals are exactly all we were founded upon and it created the greatest and freest nation on earth. So why are they not fighting for them?

The GOP needs to stop worrying about how they are portrayed in the lame stream media. Here’s a little piece of advice for them, THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA WILL NEVER TREAT YOU FAIRLY, SO DO WHAT IS RIGHT, NOT WHAT IS PERCEIVED AS RIGHT BY THEM.

We keep talking about the “pussification” of America but what about the “pussification” of our candidates. If they know what they believe and stand for, why are they not willing to stand for it at all costs?

Have you noticed that the candidates who stand up to the media, and stand up to critics without apology are the ones that resonate most with the American public? Even if they are wrong. (cough, cough, Donald Trump, cough)

They have to be willing to grow a backbone and maybe a couple other things further south on their bodies.

Stop eating their own.

I’ve often said that if I ever leave politics, which has been a real possibility of late, it would be because of conservatives, not liberals. I am sick to death of all conservatives turning on each other and eating their own. We’ve come to the place where you can’t even disagree with one another without some conservative attempting to annihilate anyone that disagrees and also turn it in to personal attacks.

Case in point, Donald Trump attacking Michelle Malkin this week. Have you lost your sauce son? If he’s a conservative, who he’s not, why would you attack someone who’s been spot on in defending conservatism from the get go?

We can disagree with each other all we want but we have to start maintaining common goals. The founding fathers certainly did not all agree with one another. But this is ridiculous. I’m pretty certain the left doesn’t completely agree on everything but they are kicking our asses on their ability to present a united front, even if it’s not.

I still stand by Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” They are so busy attacking each other they have forgotten to attack the left. It should be an all out blitzkrieg on the left non-stop, day in, day out, without ceasing. They are destroying everything that we have left.

Our debt is fully, wholly and completely unsustainable. What will happen to the millions and millions of people who are now so used to government dependence when the house of cards all comes tumbling down? And don’t question for a minute that it won’t. Rome seemed infallible at one point too. So did Russia.

We have arrived to a place where the courts are shaping laws. They are supposed to be upholding them, not creating them.

Our freedoms are being shredded before our very eyes. The First Amendment is under such great attack. We no longer can even offer our opinions, religious or otherwise without direct retaliation, like all things Tea Party being targeted by the IRS. Can you believe we live in that kind of a society now? And the left are fools if they think that won’t eventually turn on them as well.

Don’t even get me started on foreign policy. God speed Israel. You’re going to need it.

All I know is this, we are in trouble. Real trouble. And no, I don’t think it’s too late. But we’ve got to stop this circus of sh**show within the GOP and begin standing up again for the Constitution. All of it. Not bits and pieces or what we want to keep and what we want to throw away. All of it. It’s not perfect but it’s the closest thing this world has ever seen to perfection.

These candidates can decide right now, stand up for conservatism, stand up for the constitution, stand up for the people, or sit down and shut the hell up.