It's the Revolution Part Deux

It’s the Revolution Part Deux

Yes, this is the former Sunday Under the Covers from DSP Magazine.  So why the change?  Let me explain.

When I first began writing about politics I firstly did so anonymously and just for fun. It wasn’t serious and I had a blast writing it.  Also, writing with anonymity comes with a certain amount of freedom. I created the original site, Dirty Sex and Politics, because I wanted to reach a different conservative demographic than what I noticed was being tapped into in main stream blogs. I still maintain it was a freaking awesome idea. 

It garnered a lot of attention and it helped get me on a larger stage. After I was asked to begin contributing to Breitbart I wanted for my name to be receiving some of the credit for my work.  It led to even more opportunities.  So I wrote on DSP in my name finally. 

I was then asked to attend and write on the different FreedomWorks FreePAC events.  And as I began to have the opportunity to interview big players in Congress I wanted to be careful not to be a liability because of DS&P.  I was able to post most of my interviews on Right Wing News.  But I would cross link on my own site.  Unfortunately, some made an attempt to use that against the politicians.

And I don’t want anyone to ever be able to do that again.

Also, somewhere along the way I realized this was no longer a hobby. It became my job as well as my life’s work.  I couldn’t stop doing this now even if I wanted to.  And I questioned it after the election.  Like all of us did. But after that, I realized now more than ever this is a calling.  And also more than ever I wanted to be taken seriously.  As serious as I can get being a complete goofball most of the time.

I’ve been reading the biography, John Adams by Nobel Prize winning author David McCullough. He has the uncanny ability of transporting you back in time to the start of this country. As I read the book, which I’ve been doing as research for my own book, I began to realize an uncanny kinship with this founding father from years ago.  We are fighting the same fight.  It’s a fight for freedom.

At the end of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, as Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall on the last day of deliberation, according to the notes of Dr. James McHenry,  Franklin was questioned by a woman. She asked,  “What have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic” replied the Doctor “if you can keep it.”

The founders knew keeping our Republic was going to be no easy task. It’s why they did what they did. It’s why they included things like the second amendment in 1791.  No it wasn’t about muskets.  It was about the forethought to see down the road the difficulties we would face.

And we are facing them now.

Somewhere along this journey I realized I didn’t want to be considered just a “great gimmick”, as I’ve been told.

This fight just got very real for me.  Especially when I see it affect my children so severely.  Somewhere along the way I realized everything hinges on our current times. I’m sure people throughout the ages have said that but I’ve never seen such an attack on our very freedoms as I do now.

I’m ready to take my fight up a serious notch.  And as always I could never thank you all enough for all of your humbling and amazing support.  I’ll never be able to say enough thank you’s for sending me to CPAC.

So from here on the former Sunday Under the Covers will be the Sunday Rundown with me.

The regular format will return the next week. So I look forward to continue spending my Sundays helping to keep my readers abreast of the stories that need noting and looking at the week ahead.

God bless you Patriots one and all!