incometaxThanks for tuning in to your daily dose of Vitamin D! Do you ever wonder why the income tax came in to our American system in 1913?  Tune in above or read below to find out.  It’s a good reminder that it’s just the same crap, different year. 







Happy Birthday Income Tax!  And Happy Tax Day to all the rest of you.  The income tax turns 100 today! That’s right it began in 1913.  And as Grover Norquist points out in his opinion column today in the Washington Times, for a country that is 237 years old, it makes you wonder how did we survive without an income tax for the first 137 years?  Hmmmmm?   It’s quite the mystery.grover-norquist

He also points out how we as individual states have individual state taxes but eight of those states do not.  For instance, Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. But California does.  Hmmmm? How does Texas survive without it.  Surely California is doing much better fiscally since they are charging such high taxes. Oh wait. They’re not. Well that’s a mystery as well isn’t it?

The Federal income tax came about, according to the article, because of” progressives who felt the rich should pay their fair share. They promised that only really rich people would have to pay the income tax, and that tax rates would remain forever low.”

And he uses a term I absolutely love, “Trickle-down-taxation”. People seem to miss that pretty frequently or should I say ignore it. But he gives an amazing example.  “Politicians promise that their new tax will hit only “the rich.” Over time, the tax spreads out to just about everyone. The Spanish-American War brought the federal excise tax on phones at a time that only the rich few owned phones. Soon, phones were used by all Americans, and for a hundred years after the Spanish-American War was over, we were all paying the “temporary” tax on the rich few to pay for the long-finished war.”

But now we are entering an entirely new day with the IRS. They are now officially the long arm of Obamacare.
“By Tax Day 2015 all American taxpayers will have to provide proof of insurance to the IRS, so today starts the clock for those without insurance to either comply or face the penalty — $95 for 2014, $325 for 2015 and $695 for 2016.”

Chris Stirewalt of Fox News explains,” The government will be using the tax returns due today to decide who will receive an estimated $25 billion in new insurance subsidies next year…the tax returns due today will provide the initial basis for how one’s relationship with the government and health insurance functions.”

I think we should go with progressive thinking when it comes to Federal Income Tax.  He’s lived to be a 100. He’s had a good life. Let’s put him before a death panel and let’s just go ahead and pull the plug already.   Because not only is this not getting better, but with 76,000 pages of tax codes, this is getting worse.