Donlyn TurnbullIt’s Monday which means some guy behind a government desk is trying to figure out how best to erode your rights. This week it’s called the Marketplace Fairness Act. Tune in the the Vitamin D mini political podcast above, or the transcript below to find out why it’s anything BUT fair!

New week and new rights being taken away from you. This week it’s under the delightful guise of The Marketplace Fairness Act.  And anytime progressives use the word “fairness” you can rest assured it’s anything but fair and yes I’m physically doing the air quotations.

“The proposed legislation would enable states to force businesses to collect sales tax from customers who live in their state—even when the businesses have no connection to that state. Essentially, retailers would be forced to act as tax collectors for states in which they have no voice or representation.”

Heritage reports it would actually “make interstate competition more difficult, which as was one of the very things the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect.” Derp!

Moreover, the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act “does not take into account the rights of states that do not have a sales tax, which is in part why it has drawn bipartisan opposition from Senators.”

It’s just another way to erode state rights.

EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe said the legislation “unfairly burdens small online merchants and asked eBay users to send an email message to members of Congress asking for changes.”

“This legislation treats you and big multi-billion dollar online retailers – such as Amazon – exactly the same,” Donahoe wrote in emails sent to Ebay sellers, “Those fighting for this change refuse to acknowledge that the burden on businesses like yours is far greater than for a big national retailer.”

It’s due to be voted on in the Senate in the coming days.

A friend of mine had a little argument earlier today on Facebook, and the topic isn’t the point I wish to make but one guys defense for his stance was that the First Amendment protected the act to which we were all discussing.  And then he used the word “never” as in that will “never” happen because the First Amendment protects us.

Oh sure that’ll protect you dude. You know since this administration has so much respect for the Constitution and all. Wake up and smell the totalitarianism.

The first Amendment has already been attacked under the infringement of religious institutions being forced to provide birth control under Obamacare.  The 4th Amendment was annihilated on Dec 31, 2011 when President Obama decided to sign the NDAA The National Defense Authorization Act where the government claims the right to detain people indefinitely…without due process.

And the last line of defense always seems to come down to the States and state’s rights.  The 10th Amendment has been under attack forever.  This entire move over education being a Federal thing and not a state thing is frightening at best. But the lines have to be drawn hard in the sand. It’s not a give and take. It’s our freedoms and right now in the name of fairness, they are taking.