Donlyn TurnbullIf you’ve ever decided to learn how to ballroom dance you know how imperative a good leader is. The same is true in politics.  Obama seems to be lacking a bit in his skills. Ok, lacking a lot. Tune in above or read the transcript below for your daily dose of Vitamin D!



When I was 19 I got a job teaching ballroom dancing. It was many moons ago back when many body parts still defied gravity.  And even though I had an extensive dance background I had never learned ballroom. So I began training and learning.  And got pretty good at it pretty fast. They would host these little dances for the clients. And the owner who had been in the business for years  would take the time to dance with everyone. It didn’t matter if it was someone like me just learning ballroom but still very skilled at dance, or someone who had never danced before in their life, When this guy was leading anyone could do it.   A good leader makes all the difference.  There’s something about someone who knows how to lead that instills confidence. It’s easy to respond to that.

But confidence is one thing. Arrogance is another.

Obama had a slight meltdown yesterday.  No, let’s call it more of what it was. A 3 year old temper tantrum when he didn’t get his way over gun control.

He resorted to name calling, like denouncing gun rights groups as willful liars. He used guilt trip by calling it a shameful day in Washington. What day isn’t?  He used bully tactics for those who didn’t fall into line without question. After all why should anyone be allowed to think differently than he.

”One administration official told POLITICO the White House was especially disappointed with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D), the only dissenting Democrat not up for re-election next year, who refused to go along with the bill even after White House chief of staff Denis McDonough visited her office to make Obama’s case on Tuesday.”

There we go. They threw her name out there. Let the back lash begin and all for what? Supporting the constitution? I thought that was Obamas chief job in the first place.

Good leaders don’t throw fits. They don’t use bully politics.  Don’t divide a nation. Don’t result in personal attacks. They lead.  They unify. They support the will of the people not some sick personal agenda against things like oh say, freedom.

My friend Sherry made a great point yesterday.  She wrote this.

We are constantly bombarded with messages about the dangers of cigarette smoking.. We get all the health risk indicators and death statistics thrown at us daily.. Innocents are afflicted at alarming rates by 2nd hand smoke.. Yet outside of a few hard core anti smoking groups there has been no movement to ban cigarette sales at all.

Why ban what you can tax? President Obama recently proposed a 94 cent tax increase on each pack but even he knows there comes a point when you have taxed something so much most people can’t afford to buy it.

Guns are the new cigarettes.. I think that was the plan all along. they knew they would never really get the support to take our guns from us. It won’t surprise me if the gun control issue is silently dropped and a new tax on gun owners is put in place and then every time something happens involving gun use they will raise it higher and higher. 

I thought that was really interesting insight. Who’s to say this isn’t about money. After all with what Obama has shown us his presidency has always been about two things. Money and control.

Man I’ll be glad when this dance is over.

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