government wasteThis is actually a website the entire Government would like for you to ignore.

Enter, The Waste List.

This new site is a wasteful spending aggregate that lists “harmful regulations”  from both sides of the aisle.   The Craigslist style site will also be adding a  “Duplicative Spending” section in the coming week.

No spending problem eh?

How about $1.5 million dollars to “Video game controller design”?  Or $20,000 dollars toward Circus classes? The National Endowment for the Arts awarded $20,000 in 2012 to the Circus Day Foundation to host a theatrical circus program for students.

Or close to $1 million dollars (pinky to mouth again) for “Fruit fly sexual attractiveness study”.  Personally I find them hideous and not attractive at all and would have told them that for free.  (Yes, it was a joke.)

But with the sequester drama king initiative in full swing and little kids being left out to the curb at the White House minus the funding to offer tours, this is a very simple site to see right through the President’s pitiful ploys.

Washington has a spending problem. And this site reveals it in glowing detail.