ted cruz coloring book

It’s not a surprise the entertainment website and show TMZ leans far left.  And when I say far left, I’m mean they must be on the last street in California before you end up in the ocean. If you are unfamiliar with the paparazzo site, they frequently stalk celebrities with video cameras asking them a smattering of questions. This time they caught up with Sen. Ted Cruz and asked him about the fact he currently has the number one coloring book on Amazon.

Within less than two minutes, TMZ manages to attack and mock, Ted Cruz, capitalism, the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann, the Second Amendment, the Constitution, Glenn Beck and Allen West.  They suggest making their own coloring book in which they would make Glenn Beck a black guy.  Then they say they would also make Herman Cain a black guy.

I’m not expecting anything less from TMZ other than biased trash, but what I do expect would be for the rest of the media to hold them to the same standards they would hold a right leaning media site. Can you imagine if Fox News made jokes about having a coloring book and making President Obama a “white guy”?

You know the main stream media would be all over that, like, well white on rice.

Yes, I am full aware that hypocrisy in the media is alive and well. But I also will point it out every time it happens.

Get ready to cringe and watch for yourself.