“It’s a video!!!” Don’t worry, they get after a while!

What an amazing time had by all at the 2013 Blog Bash.  It’s the largest gathering of right-of-center bloggers and online opinion leaders at CPAC.  This year they honored Andrew Breitbart and the amazing legacy he has left us all.

The highlight of the evening was Senator Ted Cruz toasting Andrew Breitbart.

If you follow conservative politics in the least you will recognize almost everyone in the video.  And it’s fun because it takes everyone a bit to figure out it was video and not a camera!

Among those in attendance were…

Rep. Tom Price, Kristina Ribali, Tony Katz, Chris and Dana Loesch, Ben Howe, Bill Whittle, Ron Bluey, Lachlan Markay, John Brodigan, Fingers Malloy, Thomas LaDuke, Amelia Hamilton, Stevie J West,  Steve Hamilton, Kira Davis, Ali Akbar, Melissa Clouthier, Meredith Ancret, Michelle Ray, Kimberlee Kaye, Joel Pollack, Larry O’Conner, Mandy Nagy, Rebel Pundit, Mike Flynn, Sarah Rumpf, Stacey McCain, Sean Hackbarth, Jimmie Bise, Bruce Carroll  and about a gazillion other people!