I’m all for immigration reform. I say we reform it by enforcing the laws we already have and employ a little known tool in Washington DC called “common sense”.  You may or may not be familiar with it because it depends on which side of the beltway in which you live.  I find it hilarious that profiling is somehow viewed as a bad thing.

I’m sorry, it sucks for you if you just so happen to resemble a middle-eastern terrorist but many of the people who have carried out terrorist attacks on America or American interests tend to have many different aspects in common and typically it includes their place of origin and yep, other similar aspects sometimes even including how they look.  I don’t see a lot of blonde surfer types hijacking airplanes and crashing them into buildings.

We typically look at immigration as a protection for the elderly Hispanic grandmother who has been in America, illegally, her entire life. Are we going to ship her back off from whence she came?  I know, laws suck. But they are there for a reason and it is to protect Americans.

But the one thing that irritates me beyond belief concerning immigration is when we throw common sense out the window all for the sake of political correctness and not “hurting someone’s feelings” by sizing them up via how they look, where they came from and a number of different aspects.

Am I saying there aren’t exemptions to the rule? Of course not. The White Widow is proof of that. But when you take all aspects in to consideration I fail to see how profiling doesn’t aid in immigration.

Let’s say you are Norwegian for instance. My great-grandfather was Norwegian by the way but how many terrorists have we caught sneaking in the country from Norway? That’s right, not a one.  What if you are a thin, young, Caucasian Norwegian male who recently married an adorable American girl?  I’d say if you were looking for a serial killer you might want to look for a Caucasian male. Nothing against Caucasian males, it’s just how it is.  Sadly in light of recent news you might want to watch out for young white female teachers.  I’m not certain what is happening with the molestation attacks but there seems to be a pattern.

Let’s say our young Norwegian newlywed was in Europe when his wife, residing in DC was suddenly admitted into the hospital into ICU for unknown causes.  A “normal” husband would want desperately to travel to his new bride’s side and be there for her.  This is what we call  a “no-brainer” concerning immigration. An emergency Visa should be issued allowing him to do just that.  But do you think the US Immigration would allow that?

Of course not. Why? Because they are stupid or at least that is as good of a reason as I can come up with.

I’d love to say this is a hypothetical situation but it is not. My friend Katrina Jørgensen is trying to get her husband Kai here to America to be with her in a very difficult time of need. But the Visa will not be approved.

I’m not sure what immigration is worried about, but committing intellectual suicide is not exactly my idea of a good strategy.

There’s an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in this country. This President is not concerned with those people because they offer a hefty increase to the democratic voting base. But they have no problem punishing a person in their attempt to legally enter the United States. We’ve turned into a nation where we reward the law breakers and punish those attempting to follow the law correctly.  And for what? All in the name of political correctness.

Prayers for Katrina and Kai.

Via her tweet... Katrina Jørgensen ‏@Veribatim 5m This is my husband @thenorwegianfox, we started legal immigration this fall but now I am in ICU and he cannot visit.

Via her tweet…
Katrina Jørgensen ‏@Veribatim 5m
This is my husband @thenorwegianfox, we started legal immigration this fall but now I am in ICU and he cannot visit.