new-york-night-I have this friend with a guy in her life that I really don’t understand. I mean he’s unbelievably successful. And she’s probably one of the smartest girls I know. So I don’t understand why she puts up with the stuff she does from him. Let me give you some examples.

For starters, he’s obsessed with her actions. Always wanting to know where she goes and what she does. He’s always wanting to know what she ate and how much of it she had. He criticizes her constantly. If she drinks something unhealthy, which is only on occasion, she’s in great shape, he gets upset. So much so, he forbids her to do so. And it turns into a battle.

It gets even creepier. He says he wants her to be safe. So he set up cameras to watch her when they aren’t together. I of course would argue that’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. But she defends him and says he just wants to make sure she’s okay and if anything ever happened he’d be able to see on the camera and immediately send help.

She also has friends that smoke. He REALLY doesn’t want her to pick up the habit. So anytime her friends are around they must hide their cigarette packages so she doesn’t start smoking right then and there. Again, crazy to me, but she says he’s just trying to help her be more healthy.

However, at what cost? At a complete loss of her freedom and privacy?

And why can’t he just trust her to do the right thing? She’s a big girl now, in her mid-twenties, lives in Manhattan in New York City, and has a great career. So why does she put up with a big jerk like this and keep voting for Mayor Bloomberg to rule her life?

It’s all a matter of perspective.

I really do have a girlfriend who lives in New York City. And the other night as I was attempting to return from DC to Florida, somehow Delta had me stuck in NYC. It was quite late when we took off right over the city and I thought to myself, what a beautiful place and how I could never live there. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the big city thing. I love being right in the middle of everything. It’s the “my mayor is an abusive stalker boyfriend” thing.

After the soda ban attempt, which will now be appealed, Bloomberg is moving on to hiding cigarettes because evidently you are so daft if you see a package of cigarettes you will immediately develop the habit. Forget free will. Forget self-responsibility. But welcome to the ultimate nanny city.

You guys seriously need to break up.