When I first delved into political punditry I was like a puppy running my way through a grassy spring field full of dandelions with my tongue and tail wagging with hope.  Then I got smacked up side the head. For some reason I believed if you were a conservative you would think the same way I do that we are all on the same team and all fighting for the same goals. Boy, did I learn that one the hard way.

It turns out conservatism is a lot like everything else in life.  It’s dog eat dog and mostly every man for himself.  And the women! Don’t get me started before I begin using cat fight metaphors. Mee-YOW!

Which I’ve always been very competitive so I think I adjusted quickly only to stop myself later on and reexamine instead of react.  I have certain talents.  Some may argue this and say I’m simply talented in the art of being a nerd.  However, I’ve always had this uncanny ability to relate with people. I think I get this “gift” from my grandparents, G-d rest their souls.  They were such good people and they would help anyone who ever needed help, regardless.  Toward the end of their lives, they put their entire farm on the line to help a member of their family and in turn lost absolutely everything.  But that’s the kind of people they were. It was never just about them.

So whatever my talents may be within the political realm, I practice daily to attempt to fine tune my instrument and abilities.  But at the end of the day, I am just one little note, and one little sound in a very loud world of noise.

First thing this morning, I watched a video of a man standing in a town square in Spain with his Bass. For those of you in Rosa Linda, its a musical instrument and not a fish.  The man is wearing a tuxedo and is simply standing alone with a black hat sitting at his feet just waiting for a small financial reason to begin his song.  A small girl approaches and drops a coin in to the hat then steps back in wonderment waiting to see what will happen next.   The man begins playing.  And true, it’s beautiful but it’s just the bass. Then a woman walks out and begins the melody line of Beethoven’s 9th with her instrument. Soon, they are slowly joined by more.  It’s every day people.  Some are in jeans. Some dressier.  But slowly they all gather.

Then, magic happens. Suddenly a chorus joins in as crowds have now gathered in bewilderment and joy at the impromptu performance. It’s gathered everyone’s attention. You can’t miss the powerful and beautiful message of the song.

And this is how I see politics. Mr. Breitbart had it right, that this movement, was about all of us. We all have different talents, different instruments and different voices and when play or sing they don’t cancel one another out. Our voices and talents are only more stunning and engaging, together.  In the impromptu performance, I didn’t see the violin player attempting to stop the french horns from being heard. Because they understand it only works with all the “voices” being heard, and people will listen when it’s all of us making an effort together even if it is in our own little way with our own contributions.

I love so many people in this business. I love the writers on Damn Straight Politics because they are passionate and talented. I love we have gathered somewhere to contribute to a site together.  And our site is not the only one.  There are so many amazing conservative voices out there. My goal is and has been to help them be heard. Because for the person I cannot reach, it’s possible they can.

I don’t care if you are “just a blogger”, just a mom, just a dad, just a teen, just a retiree, YOU MATTER in this fight.

My friend Sherry inspired this whole post by watching the video I mentioned then saying to me, “You know what I like about symphonies and orchestras? No one thinks i want to be the worlds greatest clarinet player. They want to be a part of something that when combined is beautiful. I really love that attitude.

I love that attitude as well.

And don’t twist my thoughts into thinking that I discourage individual achievement and success.  Every single person within an orchestra has worked incredibly hard to achieve what they’ve accomplished and to become a person of excellence. If they are rewarded financially or with fame for their individual efforts, I am nothing but overjoyed for that fact.  Every time I hear a fellow pundit on the radio I’m excited at their success and the effect they have on thousands if not more.

Yes, I’m a rose-colored glasses girl even still. But how can you not be when you get to be a part of this amazing country with a history unlike any others?

It’s nothing short of an honor to be in this battle to fight for our country.  And more than anything, I’m so glad I’m not alone. And although you may seriously not agree with your fellow conservatives on every single issue or notes, I know that together we are better and we have the ability to make something beautiful for America.