About Me

I’m a storyteller by nature. The mediums have changed over the years, but the message remains the same. Good storytelling motivates people to act but GREAT storytelling leaves them changed and coming back for more. I am the Production Director for the Foundation for Government Accountability. I’ve had the opportunity to create videos beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve produced eighteen governor videos at FGA, as well as several U.S. congressmen and state legislators. I try to bring their personal stories to the surface and how it relates to the policies they are promoting. In addition to lawmaker videos, I’ve produced a combination of over 150 stories, animated videos, and policy explainers.

Prior to FGA, I was the Director of New Media and the bus tour Emcee for the Tea Party Express. I had the opportunity to share stories live with voters as we campaigned for dozens of lawmakers across the country. It gave me the chance to hone my public speaking and fundraising skills.

The early years…sort of.

I entered into politics through media. I ran several successful political sites and became a freelance contributor to many different conservative media outlets including Breitbart, The Daily Caller, The Shark Tank, and more.

I also ran a successful podcast and became a frequent guest on radio shows across the country. I had the opportunity to appear on Glenn Beck’s show on The Blaze TV and local Florida news outlets.